Promo from Lippo Plaza Jogja : very late to know

I do not really like shopping. Moreover, shopping directly to a store or even to a larger scale, the Mall. To choose the goods alone I myself was very confused. But I am not confused to choose which one, but I do not really like to choose. And if forced to choose, I prefer to use goods that are cheap but quality number one. And if choosing clothes, I also prefer cheap and not even need a famous brand, shopping from the traditional market was not a problem, the most important dress is able to cover my body.

From my displeasure of shopping, this makes me not much out of the house. I might prefer to shop online. Unless certain conditions, such as being invited roads here and there I would be able (Insya Allah).

Just yesterday (around April) I visited Lippo Plaza Jogja and at the end of May got an SMS notification saying that I was invited to watch the draw from a promo "SHOP & DRIVE IT HOME". I'm a little wondering, what event do I follow? I do not know anything about it because it was early to go here by taxi online. Maybe when the onsite taxi voucher online "my name" entered the calculation.

Out of curiosity, I searched for info about this promo and said that the promo at the end of May was over. And the night of "Pancasila Day" is also me with my small family went to Lippo Plaza Jogja, just add points for lottery. Maybe if counted from the promo until the end of this promo I only get 2 points. Promo from one year ago but I follow the promo with prizes Honda Brio is only 2 times visit only.

Now just waiting for the result of the draw to be held tomorrow on June 3, 2018. Just be able to pray and hope from yesterday's invitation, I can get one of them. May be Honda Brio, Samsung Galaxy S8, Mirrorless Camera, Shopping Voucher or Bicycle.

Update 3 June 2018
It has matured on 3 June 2018, but on that date there are so many events. I have to send the package to JNE office, but unfortunately many are closed. Not to mention the preparation to go to a boutique and also break the fast together. All the time it became the busiest day.